Production and sale of pellets (fuel pellets)

Гомельская область, Гомель
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Production and sale of pellets (fuel pellets)
Гомельская область, Гомель,
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Alliansavtomotors LLC is engaged in the production and sale of fuel pellets (pellets). The raw material for production is coniferous wood (spruce, pine).
Fuel pellets are packed in big bags of 1000 kg and in bags of 15 kg.
Terms of delivery: FCA, warehouse of the manufacturing plant in Gomel, Republic of Belarus.
The products are shipped from the warehouse of the enterprise by rail and road.
Payment terms – 100% prepayment.
We export fuel pellets to the EU countries, as well as sell this product on the Belarusian market.
The production capacity of the enterprise allows to produce up to 3000 tons of fuel pellets per month.
telegram: +375296786986
viber: +375296786986
whatsapp: +375296786986


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